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11/22/2015 AM Listen Now  |  Download 
"Sermon on the Mount, Part 7: A Heart with Eyes" (Matthew 5:8) Pastor Jim Newcomer

11/15/2015 PM Listen Now  |  Download 
"The Christ Hymn Applied" (Col 1:21-23) Pastor Paul Campbell

11/15/2015 AM Listen Now  |  Download 
"The Christ Hymn" (Col 1:15-20) Pastor Paul Campbell

11/08/2015 AM Listen Now  |  Download 
"Sermon on the Mount, Part 6: Give and Take" (Matthew 5:7) Pastor Jim Newcomer

11/01/2015 PM Listen Now  |  Download 
"What Keeps me Going in Ministry" (2 Corinthians 5) Pastor James Varner

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Colonial 11-15-15pm from Colonial Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Youth Pastor Paul Campbell, Colossians 1:21-23