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01/25/2015 AM Listen Now  |  Download 
"Why I am Thankful for the NT Deacon" (Acts 6) Pastor Jim Newcomer

01/18/2015 AM Listen Now  |  Download 
"Timothy: A Trusted Companion" (Philippians 2:19-24) Pastor Daniel Davey

01/11/2015 AM Listen Now  |  Download 
"Adoption" (Ephesians 1) Pastor Jim Newcomer

01/04/2015 PM Listen Now  |  Download 
"Living Life with Restraint, part 2" (Romans 14-15) Pastor Daniel Davey

01/04/2015 AM Listen Now  |  Download 
"Living Life with Restraint, part 1" (Romans 14-15) Pastor Daniel Davey

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"The Grace Ministry, Part 3"
Acts 11
Oct. 19, 2008 am