Adult Bible Studies
Our desire for the people of Colonial is…
“that we might present every man complete in Christ” (Colossians 1:28).
One of the ways we accomplish this goal is through the ABS classes offered on Sunday mornings from 11:00am - 12:00pm. These classes seek not only to teach truth about God, but also to provide a venue for personal application and genuine interaction with other believers. If you are not a part of one of these classes we encourage you to find a class to connect with and allow the Body of Christ to work in your life.


Class Name: Bereans (Church Chapel) | Teacher: Pat Diffley

The Berean class desires to follow the example of the Bereans of whom Luke said, “they received the word with readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, to find out whether these things were so” Acts 17:11. We welcome class participation in the study of the text. Through our leaders, special care is given to those who have special needs so that we may share each other’s joys and burdens.

Class Name: Challengers (Rm. 108) | Teacher: Dr. Mike Windsor

Current Study: The Book of Joshua

The Challengers class focuses on systematic Bible study and discipleship. We actively seek to invest our time and energy in the lives of others, including our children and grandchildren and members of the Body of Christ. As a result, we look forward to mutual encouragement as we gather around the Word each Sunday.

Class Name: HomeBuilders (Rm. 113) | Teacher: Ross Olson

Current Study: The Book of Joshua

The goal and desire of this class is to support and contribute to the building of strong, Christ-centered homes in the fellowship of Colonial Baptist Church. The teaching content is based upon the Word of God, and class participation is encouraged. Several social activities are planned throughout the year. Most in the class are married with families (beyond the “just married”), but singles also represent a significant portion of our class.

Class Name: FaithBuilders (Rm. 122) | Teacher: Ben Caprio and Jed Kaessner

Current Study: The Book of Joshua

The Faith Builders class is oriented towards middle-aged adults. The goal of the class is to strengthen one another’s faith in God and the scriptures through text-based teaching coupled with strong class interaction. Lessons are typically oriented around complete books of the Bible in concert with Colonial’s other adult classes. The class is organized to help ensure healthy body-life and development of meaningful personal relationships.

Class Name: GraceLife (Rm. 107) | Teachers: Adam Messer and Matt Holt

Current Study: The Book of Joshua

The Newlywed class is geared toward those married 0-3 years and uses use the Word of God to enrich the marriage relationship and build a foundation for future family growth. The class is structured around a concentrated teaching of the text, regular interaction and fellowship activities to promote unity and spiritual growth.

Class Name: FamilyBuilders (Rm. 109) | Teacher: DJ Lowrance, Eric Lehner, and Brent Strange

Current Study: The Book of Joshua

The Family Builders class is for couples married 4 to 9 years. We are a close-knit fellowship of disciples growing through the challenges and opportunities of this special phase of life and marriage. Our teaching is a balanced diet of parenting, biographical, counseling, doctrinal, marital, and Bible book studies.

Class Name: PathFinders (Rm. 120) | Teacher: Gary Bryant

Current Study: The Book of Joshua

The Pathfinders class is for couples married 9 to 20 years and who have children ranging from newborns to school age. We desire to promote a spirit of encouragement and fellowship among couples facing similar life issues. The class is centered around text-based teaching, focusing on various books of the Bible and topical matters that are relevant to family issues.

Class Name: CrossLife (Rm. 119) | Teacher: Pastor Matt Campbell

Current Study: The Book of 2 Corinthians

CrossLife consists predominantly of college students and young professionals. We emphasize finding our ultimate joy in the Triune God of the Scriptures. We exalt the sovereignty of the Father, our redemption in the Son, and the present empowering of the Spirit in our lives. This leads us to love His people through service, to love His unreached people through evangelism, and to love Him through fellowship and corporate worship.

Class Name: Crossway (Rm. 216) | Teacher: Dr. Kyle Dunham

Current Study: The Book of Joshua

The Crossway class is an inter-generational class focusing on interactive Bible teaching and close-knit fellowship.

Class Name: The Encouragers (Rm. 110) | Teacher: Kareen Lehner

Current Study: Overcoming Sin

The Encouragers class is for ladies of all ages. This class seeks to encourage ladies in their spiritual growth through the study of the Scriptures on a variety of topics. This is an elective class that rotates every 16 weeks and is open to the first 20 who sign up before each rotation.

Class Name: Fundamentals of the Faith (Rm. 216) | Teacher: Glenn Weaver

Current Study: Fundamentals of the Faith

The Fundamentals of the Faith class is a 12-week long study produced by John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church and teaches the foundational aspects of Christianity. The cost for the study book is $7, and the class size is limited to 15 people.