last update Oct. 20, 2014




October 2014

Oct. 22 (Wed.): Pastor Jim Newcomer; Awana: Double Points Night

Oct. 26 (Sun.): AM: Pastor Daniel Davey; PM: ABS Community Gatherings

Oct. 29 (Wed.): Pastor Jim Newcomer; Awana: Be a Lego Mini-figure Night

Nov. 2 (Sun.): AM: Pastor Daniel Davey; PM: Reformation Celebration

Nov. 5 (Wed.): Dr. Roger DePriest; Awana: Penny Wars Results Night

Nov. 9 (Sun.): AM: Pastor Jim Newcomer; PM: Pastor Jim Newcomer, Communion

Nov. 12 (Wed.): Pastor Daniel Davey; Awana: Build & Grow the Storehouse

Nov. 16 (Sun.): AM: Pastor Daniel Davey; PM: Pastor Daniel Davey