That Shape the Teaching, Fellowship, and Worship of CBC

We have chosen to underscore several significant doctrines of the faith which reflect the most asked questions about our ministry.  We have tried to be concise, yet thorough enough to give all who seek it a proper and careful answer concerning core beliefs which shape our ministry and our worship of Jesus Christ.  Each doctrine is divided into three parts:  (1) Our statement of confidence and conviction about what we believe; (2) How this doctrinal conviction impacts our church membership and experience; and (3) What Texts we considered in formulating the first two points.  For those who desire a more comprehensive inspection about our church’s core beliefs and values, or are just simply looking for a more thorough personal study of the Word of God, we offer two structured classes:  A 21-week course on “The Fundamentals of the Faith” taught during the Bible Study hour each Sunday morning, and “The Membership Class” which is offered about 6 times each year and includes 6 hours of concentrated study on the theology and practice of our local church.